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Matthew King BENEDICT SCHOOLI was born in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.
When I was five my parents found work in Indiana so we went there.
My parents are psychologists, and there certainly is no better place to be found for people whose vocation is the study of insane people than Middle America. Stay there long enough and you’ll go crazy, too. It is certainly dull enough. The devout following of network television, eating too much, and manufacturing methamphetamine are quite popular pastimes.

I was educated at DePaul and Indiana Universities and received degrees in Music and Psychology, respectively. I decided to come to Russia because the best teacher I ever had told me to do so. It has worked out beautifully, really, whether you want to believe it or not. I love teaching, whether it be adults who are seeking better employment or children, who are seeking always new ways to torment adults.

As of right now, my plan for the next few years in Petersburg is to teach and to write a novel. There is very little portrayed in the West about Russia that is not only false but ridiculous. I am not quite sure that I know how to do anything that is not a little bit ridiculous, but I think I can write something that at the very least is done so truly.