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преподаватель Бенедикт-школыHi, I’m from Ireland and my name is Darragh, and I completed the TEFL course here at Benedict in Novemeber 2006. Since then I have been working for the school as a teacher, as well as studying Russian. St Petersburg is a great place to visit and live, and the school is located right in the heart of the city, neighbouring the Hermitage museum.

Before I came to St Petersburg I had lived in Ireland, England and France. I studied the politics and history of the European Union and French at Cork University and Sciences-Po Paris. I also worked in the local planning department of my native city, Cork, for a while before deciding to follow up on a life long interest in Russia by coming here to teach English.

I have had a very adventurous and interesting experience here and a good time teaching English, always with lots of new people to meet and never any problem finding something to do. It beats sitting in an office nine to five every day.