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Hello there, my name is Kathryn andi am from New Orleans, Louisiana. I am an experiencedteacher in manydifferent learning environments. With 5+ years’ experience working with infants, children, teenagers, andyoung adults i have learneda lot about education. I appreciate andenjoy English as a language andI am excitedtoshare the language here in Russia since i have acquired my TEFL Certificate. My most recent teaching adventure was workingonboardcruise ships aroundthe world, in theonboardcamp. In this camponboard, I hadthe luxuryof combining my knowledgeof teaching with my passion for sports. Totouchon my passion for sports I love tostay active by playing tennis (USTARANKED) boxing, andsurfing. In addition, an interesting face is that I have travelledto55+ countries sofar andit is mydream totravel toall 195 countries. Since I have hadthe luxuryof traveling I have many extreme experiences for example I have swam with whale sharks in Mexico, Cliff dove in Jamaica, andswam with wildelephants in Thailand.Also while in these new countries i enjoy sightseeing, for example i've been tothe topof the Burj Khalifa in Dubai, VisitedPetra in Jordan, and have been toGardens by the Bay in SIngapore. I am excitedtoshare my knowledge and my passion of teaching here at the Benedict School.