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Hello, everyone!!

I'm James Thiel, 26 years old, born and raised in the small city of Allentown, Pennsylvania, USA (Mid-Atlantic, East Coast, Rust Belt). I've always been interested in Anthropology and Linguistics, speaking Spanish (Caribbean), Brazilian Portuguese, Russian, some French, and, also, American Sign Language.
Pennsylvania has a lot of nature, so I was lucky that I've always enjoyed nature, running, biking, and hiking in the Appalachian Mountains.
I decided to enter the field of healthcare to work with people, due to its applications of sciences and humanities. I worked full-time hours for 4 years while studying for my Bachelor's degree in Nursing. I graduated from Pennsylvania University. During my 4 years as a nurse, I worked in psychiatry, cardiology, community health, and in the prison system. I spent time with adolescents, the elderly, adults, and the disabled. I most enjoyed my time running classes for education and empowering the patients to improve themselves.
This summer, I worked in numerous hostels throughout the Caucasus, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Dagestan. I practiced my Russian and also became comfortable using Intermediate level English with the guests.
I'm very interesting in trying new things, like rock climbing and bungee jumping, here in Saint Petersburg. I used to play the guitar, cello, and baritone, but now I'm thinking of taking up the cello again here in SPb, though I don't believe I will be playing at the Marinksiy any time soon.
When I first came to SPb I knew that I wanted to live here. Being TEFL certified, I am excited to be teaching in such a great city. After learning a few languages in the classroom and independently, I like to keep the classroom casual, relaxed, and entertaining. I use an ecclectic style and tailor the lessons to the class for optimal student learning.