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педагог Бенедикт-школыEver since I was a student at school,  I had immense respect for my teachers. Their hard work, management skills and impressive patience served as an inspiration for me and made me interested in learning and the teaching profession. I think the job of a teacher is like being a potter who shapes the vessel of a student's future. Its a huge responsibility but at the same time an essential job for the strong foundation of a healthy society. I graduated high school from Delhi public school in India...i finished my whole schooling in English and with the support and guidance of my professors,  I chose to follow the path of becoming a certified English teacher...I proved my proficiency by taking the course of curricular practical training (CPT) in India. During this program I worked as an intern in trio world school and later landed my first job over there. I got experience to work with all age groups of different levels and learned a lot from our senior professors and head masters. I worked about an year in this school but then I moved to Russia to pursue medicine. Here I found a language school  and had the honor to become a part of their team. We were responsible for arranging summer camps and I conducted English lessons in these camps. I successfully managed two camps within the duration of 2 years, one in Anapa and other in Nizhny Novgorod. I loved the entire journey of getting to work with some incredible people making unforgettable memories in different parts of Russia. Then after a couple years of living here and gaining experience, I started working for another company where I was teaching pre intermediate, intermediate and upper intermediate adults and teenagers according to the Cambridge or Oxford curriculum working with books like evolve, levels and English file. I worked there for a year but then felt the need to expand my horizons in teaching English so I tried to incorporate my medical profession into it to create an intersection to enhance my interests and creativity.
With this thought in mind I also started  teaching medical subjects to students who are preparing for overseas licensing exam for medical practice in English. I also take group and individual classes  where students  just want to improve their communication abilities for work purposes and some kids groups who are trying to build their foundation. Recently I found about the Benedict school of English and was quite impressed by their individual approach of teaching students and the incredible team,  so I'd love to become a part of this institution to offer whatever I have and also to continue my journey to  gain more knowledge and experience on the way as its famously said that a person stops growing the day he stops learning.
Саи не так давно присоединилась к нашей команде,но уже успешно вела детские онлайн группы и индивидуальные уроки. Используя свои знания в медицине вела специализированный курс английского языка для врачей института Турнера. Летом с удовольствием и энтузиазмом работала в нашем языковом лагере в Рощино.