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английский с иностранными преподавателямиI’m Michael, from the USA. My hometown is Chicago. That’s where I worked as a maths teacher in the public school system. Having moved to Russia and having been certified as an English teacher, I began working at Benedict school. That was in 2009, and I have been happy to work continually  at Benedict until now. I have learned a lot from my Russian colleagues, who are true to their work. Whether studying a foreign language or teaching it, there is always something good that comes from the whole process. That’s why I’m keen on doing a good job of it. 
By the way, I have also done my homework on the subject of Russian language, having studied it at University and in Russia rather intensively. That’s why I have respect for anyone who puts the effort into learning a language to a higher level. Hats off to all you language learners!